Dragon JV Team Policies


Carroll Tennis is a year round sport with both a Fall and a Spring season.

Fall (August-October)-  Team Tennis:  6 lines of boys singles, 6 lines of girls singles, 3 boys doubles, 3 girls doubles, 1 mixed doubles
Spring (Jan-May)- Individual Tennis:  Singles, Doubles, or Mixed


JV Tennis runs during 4th and 8th blocks, from 2:00 – 3:21 p.m.*

*Please note some days practice may last longer due to ladder matches.

Player Expectations

JV Tennis is not a PE class.  It is a UIL sanctioned sport.  Players are expected to work hard and strive to improve their tennis skills.  UIL rules are to be understood and followed: www.uiltexas.org

Tennis Building and Locker Room

Our tennis building was completed in 2010 and was included in CISD’s last bond election.  It is a source of pride and a great asset to our program.  We hold high standards for our players while in our building.  All players are expected to maintain locker room order.   Every player will be issued a locker with lock.  No responsibility is assumed for lost items.  Players are expected to keep backup clothing, socks, shoes, and racquets in their locker.  Nothing should be left on the benches or floor.


We ask that all players wear only “tennis shoes” on the court.  No street shoes, running shoes, flip flops, sandals or black soled shoes.

Travel Policy

We travel by bus to all away matches and tournaments.  If there is an emergency that requires a player to leave with a parent, it must be arranged with the coaches in advance.  There is a form that needs to be filled out prior to the match.  Convenience is never a reason not to travel with the team.

Home Matches

Players are expected to stay for the duration of the match or tournament.  Every player’s match is important and warrants the support of teammates.

Daily Practice

Expect to practice every day regardless of weather forecast.  Be prepared.


Performance in class is of first and foremost importance.  Players are expected to inform teachers in advance when they are going to miss class due to tennis.  If class time is missed, athletes will be given a day off of practice to make up anything missed.  They will NOT be permitted to miss practice to make up work as a result of your own absence.  It is the student/athletes responsibility to communicate with teachers about missing class time.

Proper Dress for Match Play

Players are expected to wear school colors (Green, White, Black)/uniforms during all match play.  Uniforms will be available for purchase for Varsity and JV players.

Player Responsibility
  • Be prepared.  Always have equipment for matches/practices
  • Be on time to practices and matches.  We will start practice or leave at designated times.  Always try to arrive a few minutes early.  Being late will result in loss of playing time and additional disciplinary action.
  • Travel with the team.  All players are a part of the team ALL OF THE TIME.
  • Respect your teammates.  Belittling a teammate will NOT be a part of our program.  Be supportive and unified at all times.
  • Respect your opponents.  Always act with utmost professionalism on the court, even if it’s not reciprocated.  We will play with pride and class.  RESPECT ALL, FEAR NONE
  • Communicate.  Please let coach know ahead of time when you will be absent from practice.  Preparing a practice takes time and everyone has a role.  Please keep in mind that when you don’t show up, your TEAM’s practice is affected.